DSC_0071Erica Hodgson                                                                           

Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Mind Coach

In 1996, I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I had several jobs and wound my way into motherhood in 2001 and became a stay at home mom. When my youngest headed to school, so did I!

In 2008, I enrolled in massage school after a series of synchronistic events moved my life onto a new path. I completed massage school and opened my doors at Celestial Massage. After several years of soul searching and seeing that massage was the doorway, I stepped in a little further and began to see that bodies were talking in may different ways. I was working on listening using several different modalities to hear what your body was saying.

In 2011, I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and knew that each person was so unique, that the cookie cutter model wasn’t working any more. I learned more than 100 dietary theories and started to look at the whole person from a new pair of glasses. It opened my eyes and a new way of thinking. I changed my name to Celestial Coaching and Bodywork to incorporate a more whole person approach.

In 2013, I studied the body even more introspectively under the care of Andrea Beaman, Thyroid Expert, Holistic Health Coach and Beautiful Human Being. Andrea said in the first meeting, “You are perfect right where you are.” That sentence changed my life. I began to see people right where they were, warts and all. Each wart, dis-ease, pain and ache all were trying to speak and have their own voice. Often times people just weren’t listening. We’re trained not to listen, but to accept. I found deep in my bones that I couldn’t accept, but rather I wanted to give a voice to each and every body and ache and pain. They were there and needed love just like a little child standing in front of me. My clients started to look at their bodies differently and change was happening.

In 2015, I started to recognize that I had some dis-ease in my body. I started listening. I started giving my body a voice. It was VERY LOUD and after several years of tuning in, my body is calm. I began the Body Mind Coaching Program with Laura Wieck and learned so much about myself and my work. We dug into our mindset (hmmm, I needed to change mine up a lot), our comfort zone (that was very uncomfortable), our boundaries (gee, what are those), and our values (that what makes us all so cool). Each area I worked on peeled back layers of old programming, gremlins, and stuck stuff. Each month that passed by opened me up to where I am today.I joined Laura’s Master Coach Program and created even more movement in my life. As a Master Coach in the Body Mind Program, my intuition opened up, my life shifted and I’m reminded daily what an honor it is to be walking on this earth plane today and finding gratitude in all ways of my life.

In 2016, I also was craving some very left brain, concrete verbiage of all that I had been experiencing. When the student is ready, the teacher appears rang true for me. I met Peig Myota, BSN, MSW, OM, Metaphysical Teacher and author on numerous articles on personal transformation and energy healing frequency. She continues to share her knowledge on energy healing frequency, spiritual DNA activation and Solar Consciousness. As we heal individually, we raise the frequency of ourselves. As we all heal collectively, we raise the frequency of the planet. I’ve seen first hand how her concepts change people for the better. Peig is an amazing teacher and a real asset to our world.

To continue on the left brain work in early 2017, I began to study foot reading, a method of deciphering what the body is saying through your feet. Sam Belyea, the Foot Whisperer in Tampa Florida is a master at his craft. His work is most amazing and spot on.  I finally was giving voice to what I was feeling, but unable to say. I continue to study under his care and learn more every single day from him.

Lastly, I took a special course from Peggy Huddleston called, “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” to be a facilitator of her fabulous work. She created her program of relaxation for the body to help people boost their immune systems and heal faster from surgery, reduce insomnia, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, and use less chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatments. All of these excellent teachers showed up to add tools in my toolbox. My tool box feels full of so many wonderful modalities to support those who seek me out. The bottom line is that all the tools are really the same, they just have a different feel for what each person needs. I am a Sagittarius. I love options!

Bringing in 2018, I have a new mantra.   ~ Let me be seen in 2018!